Why KPIs Are the Most Important Part of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

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April 30, 2018
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Why KPIs Are the Most Important Part of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Key Performance Indicator Metrics

How many times have you heard someone say, “I created a great website, but it’s not doing anything for my business!” The odds are, that person hasn’t set any Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their website. Without those measures, it will be virtually impossible to determine if your website is working or not.

Measure Results, Refine and Then Repeat

When you’re managing a website, you start with a well thought out plan. But, how can you tell if it’s working? You need to set a goal for each part of your website. Each page should have a job, and you need to find out if that job is getting done.

Let’s say that a page on your website offers a special report download to increase leads. You need to know how well that page is accomplishing that job. So, you set a goal for how many leads you want from the distribution of that special report each month. Then, you measure the number of visitors who land on that page, and determine what percent of them are taking advantage of the offer.

If you’re not reaching your goal for that page, refinements are required. You’d take a look at the variables, which might include:

  • The call to action on your home page and other places online that send people to your offer page – you’d also review that page’s ranking in the search engines
  • The report’s description on the offer page
  • The report’s content
  • The call to action on the report page

If you’re not getting enough traffic to your offer page, try changing the call to action on your home page, blog posts and social media pages. Refine the optimization of that page to improve search engine rankings. Monitor the impact those changes have and find the most effective approach.

If you’re getting traffic to the report page, but only a few people request the report, try changing the description of the report. Poll your customers to find out if there is another type of report they’d like to see. Change the topic of the report if needed, or beef up the description to focus on benefits to the visitor.

Review the call to action on the report page. Do visitors need to complete a 10-question form before receiving the report? You need to refine the form.

It’s Not a Once-and-Done Thing

Managing your website and SEO is an ongoing requirement. Your audience, competitors for search engine ranking and marketing message will all change to address changes in your industry. Just plan, measure, refine and repeat to keep your website working hard for you!