2015 Camaro SS Borla ATAK Axel Back Exhaust and Cold Air Intake

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August 29, 2018

2015 Camaro SS Borla ATAK Axel Back Exhaust and Cold Air Intake

Two things I love in this world: . 1) I’m a huge aviation geek. 2) I’m a huge automotive geek.

Several years ago, I traded in my 1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans am for a brand new 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS – I know I know,.. I’m a creature of habit. Also happen to really love F-body’s and pony cars.

Anywho,.. One of the first things I noticed about the car was how quiet it was – curse you factory emission laws!

One week after purchase, on my way home from work,  I found myself driving next to a V6 Camaro – Some young fellow that thought he was the coolest thing ever because he had a Camaro. You see these quite often – and they’re fairly easy to spot. They often run out and buy the biggest rims they can possibly find (or an exhaust system) and slap them on a V6. Absolute hideous thing to do to a Camaro, but you know,.. to each its own.

Worst part – My car (a SS mind you) wasn’t much louder than his.

After several days of frustration driving around listening to this emissions bound 6.2 liter monster of a V8, I felt it was time to finally let her breathe.


I went on Amazon and snagged me a pair of Borla Atak Axel back mufflers.

2015 camaro ss borla axel back exhaust


And to unleash another 10 – 12 horses, (after much much research I might  add – I tend to be a huge fan of “you get what you pay for”)  I purchased a cold air intake by Cold Air Inductions

Sidenote – I must add that the CAI system also adds to the agressive tone of the Borla exhaust.

Now she sounds just as good as she looks. Several compliments each month. Here’s a quick before & after video I shot of the exhaust. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts: